Product ASUS F2A85-M LE Socket FM2 Motherboard
Test Date 04/15/2013

The FM2 platform for AMD Trinity APUs is the successor of the FM1 Platform for Llano, while the Llano core still depends on the Bulldozer architecture, the newer Trinity is based on the Piledriver architecture.
The ASUS F2A85-M LE has the AMD A85X chipset which supports DirectX11. As the LE indicates this mainboard is a Light Edition with less(er) overclocking capabilities and 2 memory dimm slots instead of 4. On the more advanced F2A85 boards you will also find a displayport.
F2A85-M LE CrossfireX TurboV
Allthough most people will use the 'internal' APU video, this motherboard still has CrossFireX on board, allthough the A85X chipset can only provide four lanes for the second Video Card in a x16/x4 configuration.
F2A85-M LE 2 dimm stots
The 2 x DIMM configuration has a Max. of 32GB DDR3 Memory which can set in O.C. mode up to 2400 MHz, you'll have to keep in mind that most APUs only support 1866MHz RAM, the A4-5300 (dual core, 3.4GHz) only supports 1600Mhz RAM.
4 + 1 phase Mosfet configuration DIGI+ VRM
The DIGI+ VRM is digital voltage regulation for the APU instead of the analog VRM in cheaper motherboards. This board has a 3+2 power phase design configuration but has no heatsink like the F2A85-M and F2A85-M PRO, both with a 4+2 configuration and heatsink.
F2A85-M LE 4 dimms
The FM2 APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) with the AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series Graphics is equipped with the new Piledriver architecture, but these APUs lack the level 3 cache the FX processors have for the AM3+ platform have, so they will be a bit slower in most cases than the FX CPUs. The relationship between FM2(no L3 cache) and FX is the same as the older Athlon(no L3 cache) and Phenom. On the other hand the Athlon had no DirectX 11 graphics, the Radeon HD 7000 series (even the HD 7480D for the A4-5300) is a lot more powerful than the old northbridge graphics for the AM3 and AM3+ motherbords.

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