ASUS H87-PRO Review


ASUS H87-PRO 01 side view
Together with the new Haswell processors, Intel has launched the new Z87, H87, H81, Q87, Q85 and B85 chipsets. The H87 chipset meant for consumers has most of the features of the Z87, however you cannot use the H87 for (extreme) overclocking.
ASUS H87-PRO 02 Back Panel
This mainboard comes with a lot of features, like DisplayPort, S/PDIF audio, 4 USB ports on the back panel and CrossFireX. The HDMI is able to display the 4K resolution (4096 x 2160 @ 24 Hz). One of the USB3 ports supports a Hardware-level USB BIOS Flashback which means that the UEFI BIOS can be updated even without a processor or memory installed. (just connect the power cable and and the reset button switch cable and than press the reset button)
ASUS H87-PRO 03 socket1150
Haswell uses the new socket LGA 1150. The H87 PRO has power control of 6 Phases while the ASUS Z87 PRO has a 14 (12 + 2) Phases. The DIGI+ VRM is a digital voltage regulation instead of the analog VRM in cheaper motherboards.
ASUS H87-PRO 04 CrossfireX
The 16 PCI-E lanes can be divided into either a single x16 slot or dual x8 slots. Under 'normal' circumstances the second PCIe x16 slot shares bandwidth with the two PCIe x1 slots.
ASUS H87-PRO 05 heatsink PCH
The ASUS heatsink for the Intel 8/C220 Series Chipset Platform Controller Hub.
ASUS H87-PRO 06 memory dimms
If you have any RAM problems MemOK! helps by automatically loading failsafe settings to enable basic functionality with a simple push of a button on the motherboard. (The button can be seen just above the DRAM_LED text)
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